Welcome to

Gravitas Wellness Spa

Found in the heart of Rodeo Drive (inside Rodeo Collection), it will be a personalized escape to all our clients that we will come in contact with. The soothing setting of our spa is an opportunity for anyone that walks through our doors to re-balance their mind, body, and soul rejuvenation and relaxation. Every experience will begin with an aromatic sensory experience to relax and decrease any tensions or anxieties. 


You all may be wondering, why Gravitas? You may have heard this word once or twice before, or you may not be entirely familiar with it. This means conveying confidence, and not letting any self-doubt, reservations, or mental thought of lacking the ability to execute affect our ability to contribute to the world around us. “It’s everything about us that goes beyond the words we speak – it’s our tone, presence, body language, facial expression also, attire, and confidence that are all subconsciously being scrutinized by your audience,” according to Vanessa Harding-Farrenberg. 


From this moment, we realized how much it lit a fire under our soul to help others, on their journey towards optimizing their personal growth. This gave us the idea on how we can combine our skills and passion to cultivate a space where we can do just that — help bring out the best possible version of themselves holistically. 


We aim to incorporate beauty and wellness to enhance our clients,