Glutathione Soft Gel Capsules


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GlutaPro with Bio-cell Complex is a nano-tech formulation uniquely designed to increase the systemic bioavailability of L-Glutathione, via a liposomal-based delivery. This unique formulation contains a potent pharmaceutical grade L-Glutathione with essential phospholipids, while containing no alcohol and glycerin. L- Glutathione is a peptide and an antioxidant naturally produced in the body. It is important to good health. Levels may drop as a result of oxidative stress due to disease, drugs, aging, toxic chemicals, inflammation, and stress in general. Adequate levels of L- Glutathione are necessary to provide important antioxidant protection needed by cells, to help eliminate toxic metabolic waste products and to support the immune system.



*If you have a history of liver problems consult a physician before use.



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